1. How many small animals are allowed?
  2. How many horses are allowed?
  3. Are architectural review committee approvals required?
  4. Who provides electrical service?
  5. Who delivers propane to Little Twins?
  6. Who provides telephone service?
  7. Who provides television service?
  8. How can I get Internet Service?
  9. Is trash pickup service available?

Request For LTHOA ACC Approval

ACC Request Form

  • Information Required for Approval: Two sets of all documents should be submitted. One set will be returned to applicant with ACC signatures when approved. The ACC will accept request via email if all info required below is attached as a printable format. Tract/plot plan showing the proposed location of new structure and setback distances from adjacent property/tract lines. Dimensional plans, elevations and/or sections. Material specifications (exterior colors and finish, roofing materials, etc.) General Information: All construction must conform to the requirements of the Architectural Guidelines as listed in the LTHOA Covenants - Article XI - 11.1 through 11.26 and 2nd Amendment 11.21. It is the LTHOA member's responsibility to obtain all county approvals and permits prior to beginning any work. County approval DOES NOT preclude the need for ACC approval. After plans have been approved, NO Changes in exterior design, colors, elevations, building or driveway locations, etc. may be made without prior written agreement by the ACC. A copy of the Larimer County Building Permit must be provided to the ACC committee. ACC approval is valid for one year from date of committee approval. NOTE: The ACC HAS 30 DAYS TO REVIEW YOUR REQUEST. CONSTRUCTION SHOULD NOT BEGIN UNTIL YOU RECEIVE ACC APPROVAL AND A LARIMER COUNTY BUILDING PERMIT.