1. How many small animals are allowed?
  2. How many horses are allowed?
  3. Are architectural review committee approvals required?
  4. Who provides electrical service?
  5. Who delivers propane to Little Twins?
  6. Who provides telephone service?
  7. Who provides television service?
  8. How can I get Internet Service?
  9. Is trash pickup service available?

Association Council

Executive Board Of Directors:

Brian McCluskey 4/2023
Mike Byers 4/2024
Lori Hagen 4/2024
Ian Rousom 4/2024


Mike Byers  President
Lori Hagen  Vice President
Brian McCluskey  Secretary
Ian Rousom  Treasurer

Architectural Control Committee:

Angela Pelzel-McCluskey (chair)
Keith Dunn
Bill Gallatin
Dick Koucky

Road Committee:

Patrick Haas (chair)
Mike Byers
Jenellen Gallatin
Lori Hagen
Richard Wonders


Ian Rousom

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